The Shadow Usul
By Carola_12345

One of Neopia's most beloved pets
Suddenly turns evil
She lurks in the shadows
Terrorizing Neopia
No trace of evidence
No trace of guilt
No trace of innocence
Making no sounds as always
Climbing into the night
It goes, swaying like a leaf
It goes, silently, as always....


Shadow Usul
By Diamond360k

Cute it may be, at times
But beware of the wrath
That carries this beast
Down your beaten path
To the shadows it will go
And be seen it will not
Look and the beast
Turns into a spot...
Of shadow on the wall,
Beneath the curtain in the hall
From the shadow's protection
She will craw hidden by the night
In the shadows she will lurk
As she slips past
Blending in, not going too fast
The Shadow Usul will take her time
To make sure the picking is at its prime
Being sure to watch the time
When she is through
As if nothing has happened
She slips out the window
And returns to her cabin.


The Shadow Usul
By Catnip4

One night as a Chia
Whistled through the streets
Carrying an old newspaper,
Crumpled and ripped from defeat.
He lay down on the nearest bench,
Ready for a nap
When something strange
Seemed to dance across his lap.
He shot open his eyes,
Peered about the evening air,
Told himself it was nothing,
And forgot his care.

He closed his eyes once more,
Hoping he could get some rest,
When that little strange something
Raced across his chest.
He could not ignore the presence,
The eerie darkness that prevailed,
With the moon across the milky sky,
Like a boat it had sailed.

A flash behind that merchant's door,
A scurry here and there.
But when the Chia went to look,
The streets were always bare.

His heart began to speed with fright
As the shadow closely chased,
Coming nearer,
Coming nearer,
The Chia had to race.
He dodged the bench,
Through the park,
The shadow still behind,
But Chias aren't made for running,
So the Chia had to unwind.

Breathing harshly,
He took a rest beneath the tree,
Figuring he had lost it,
Since he could not see.
No sign of warning,
Nor danger close at hand,
But that didn't mean
The Chia was in command.

Something rustled the branches
Small with gleaming eyes,
Was it the Pant Devil?
Or Sloth's secret spies?
It hopped down from the tree,
Silently laughing with delight,
As the scared-stiff Chia
Was filled with endless fright.

The Chia squinched his eyes,
Awaiting his bitter end,
When a cold paw brushed past his belt,
Only wanting him to lend.
And the Shadow Usul cackled,
Disappearing back,
To see the Chia look down
To not see his money sack.


The Shadow Usul
By Darkjester17

As I stepped through the darkness,
I began to feel another presence.

At once, I knew she was there,
From the sudden chill in the air.

I turned slowly to face my oppressor,
But only saw deep shadows there.

"Come out and face me!" I shouted out,
Not quite sure what it was all about.

But when the sword was gone that I'd drew,
Her identity was clear, I knew exactly who.

I turned around and to the Battledome I went,
I knew that it would be her tent.

I entered the arena, expecting a fight,
It was apparent that my assumption was right.

She stood there before me, ready to duel,
I shouted to her, "Now I'll win, Shadow Usul!"


Shadow Usul
By Bianni

Shadow Usul, Dark One, Creature of the Night,
Slips between the shadows, blotting out the light,
Creeping past Neohomes, in the silver of the moon,
Never to be seen in the harsh sunlight of noon.
Who is the Shadow Usul?
From whence does she come?
What is it that has banned her
From the warmth of the sun?
Wrapped in her blackness,
Her eyes a glowing red,
Her graceful, stealthy motion
Sends a shiver full of dread.
A fearful fascination does both draw and repel,
Her sleek but half-glimpsed figure
Weaves an eerie spell.
The beauty of a shadow, dark elegance of form,
Is her heart encased in coldness,
Or could it ever warm?
She is the Shadow Usul, an enigma of the night,
And as I watch and wonder,
She vanishes from sight.


Shadow Usul
By Aaroncartersunbeam

Deadly venom of the night
Fills the Neopets with fright
Stalking blackness, dark as death
The very heart of evil's breath

She schemes and schemes to break us down
In deepest night, she slinks through town
So invisible that when
You see her *blink!* she's gone again

Shadowed fur and golden eyes
Her one goal is to terrorise
When darkness swallows up the moon
You know that she will be there soon

Purest evil, blackest heart
She seeks to tear us all apart
But lo! when sunbeams touch the sky,
She vanishes in the blink of an eye


Shadow Usul
By Link1429

The sun is dawning
The air is cooler
Soon you will come out
You are mysterious
Lurking in the shadows
Until it's dark
So no one will see you
And unlock your untold secrets
You wish to be alone
Not studied
Nor put on display
Neopets are afraid of you
And shudder to think of what would happen
If they encountered you
No Neopet ever gets a good look at you
they may catch a glimpse
But that's all they see
Nightmare upon nightmare
You have been in
Sending chills
Up the dreamer's spine
It's said that you were a normal Usul
Until one day
Dr. Sloth with the Lab Ray
Turned you into
What you are now
The Shadow Usul
Who comes out only when the sun sets
And the shadows form


The Prowl of The Shadow Usul
By sisterpink

Wait, young traveler, and take warning
you must stay here until morning!
If you should so choose to leave,
first listen to my tale, and take heed.

It is dangerous out tonight,
something stalks just out of sight.
In the darkness she does lie,
and waits for you as you pass by.

Like a shadow, she fears the light,
and prowls about the land at night.
Her eyes burn deep within her skull,
cold and shining, dead and dull.

She moves so quickly, you could swear
that she may've never really been there
But you can't deny the chill you feel
and a sudden shudder beneath your heels.

No matter how fast you try to run,
your fate is sealed, it has begun.
When morning comes, others will find
that no trace of you has been left behind.
Every word I speak is true,
stay inside, or it will happen to you.
Heed my words, young Neopian,
lest she choose you as her next victim.


A Whisper In The Dark...
By Darkfairy3456

You stand still, your heart beating
What was it that made a whisper by your side?
Your Zafara moans, and her Doglefox shivers
"Just the wind..." you say and quiver.
"It's all right, just a tree,"
You tell your pet, and she repeating
Whispers it to her petpet,
Who was trying to hide
The moon shows in full,
And the stars are bright
You decide that is enough
Thrill-hunting for the night.

You tromp off, every sense on the alert
What was that? A tree.
The sound? The wind.
What about that flitting
Off the edge of your vision?
Darting off with great precision?
You stop, and dig your feet in the dirt
Ready to run, or even to fend
Off the scary beast in the night
It's small, It can't have much might.

A flash of light, something alien and weird
Purple collar, real queer
Black fur, as dark as pitch
Running, your Zafara's Doglefox
Yelps off into a ditch.
Could it be what you feared?
Whatever it is, it is very near
Your Zafara runs off to get its Petpet
You take a flashlight and you're set.

And there it is, for a quick moment
No, it darted away...
Your Neopet and Petpet huddle near you
There is nothing for them to do.
But it's in front of you, your torment!
And it is there to stay
There stands the Shadow Usul,
Ready to bring fright
Before she is just once again,
A whisper in the night.


The Usul's New Clothes
By Elyahgray

In February, an Usul chose
To make herself some brand new clothes!
She sewed with hands, tail and toes;
And after three days, she at last arose.

"Now," she laughed, "As October nears,
When Halloween comes, I'm in the clear!"
For she'd made a costume that anyone'd fear:
A Shadow Usul, complete with ears.

She grinned for a while, then after a bit
She put it right on! A candle was lit
To make her eyes glow, and a mit
Was put o'er each paw, and kept clean of grit.

Just then an officer of the law
Leapt inside, and pinned her under a claw!
He had a bushy tail, and his nose was raw;
He was the scariest thing the Usul ever saw.

"You're in trouble now!"
The enormous Lupe growled,
"I've sought you for years,
I've scratched and I've howled,
Been uncomfortable, hungry,
Bored and cowled,
Seeking the Shadow Usul,
And now you've been fouled!"

"I'm sorry!" she squeaked, "I sure didn't mean
To do something wrong, or something obscene
I'm just not who you thought you'd seen!"
She pleaded, turning slightly green.

"Drat!" cursed the Lupe, "I'm foiled again!
Well, I guess I'll head home, to my den.
Sorry about this--I'd be mad as a wet hen.
I can only promise it won't happen again."


Shadow Usul
By Snowboard_chick1710

Midnight black
Swift and silent as can be
She glides across the floors
Of a path no eyes have seen

Blending with shadow
Appearing to be invisible
Only the frail steam of moonlight
Showing her for what she is

Stealthily she reaches a clearing
Small and littered with branches
With logs
And broken memories

She glides silently past
Trying to forget
The happy memories that lay here

Continuing she arrives
Upon another clearing
A sagging, desolate hut
With paling colors
Sits in its center

Her victim lies
Within the dwelling
A grin spreads on her
Shadowy features

Quickly as a bolt of lighting
She follows the stream of shadows
Like a path showing her the way

She opens the window
Glides in unnoticed
And takes anything she pleases
Then leaves a smoky message
For the defenseless person
Upon the old broken mirror


Shadow Usul
By SereeKoneko1

With eyes like yellow flame,
And darkness of the night,
The Shadow Usul creeps along
And gives those who see her quite a fright.

A misplaced shadow upon the ground
Betrays her presence to the world;
No noise issues forth, not a sound,
As she walks along the cold, hard ground.
Is she evil? No one can say;
Perhaps she just wants a friend,
Or perhaps she will lure in some unwitting prey;
Perhaps her cruelty knows no end.

If you see her, do not run away;
Perhaps she will just pass along,
Or perhaps YOU will become her prey,
Gone before the day is done.

Keep your wits about you, my friend;
Stay away from her claws,
Or you may see the unsightly end
Of the whim of the Shadow Usul's paws.


Shadow Usul
By Elcaballoderojo

When the clock strikes twelve,
All is silent, all still,
But for a creeping shadow in the night.
A river of darkness, flowing in a black stream,
A lone sliver of murky fear,
For from the night sky, the moon shines down,
Casting silver rays on everything.
But for the creeping shadow,
Roaming, flowing, eyes glinting and glaring,
Wiry thin, slinking and sly,
She roams Neopia Central, but only at night.
What does she want?
Nobody knows;
In fact, all anyone knows is one thing:
That she's evil.
So when the clock strikes twelve,
When all's silent and still,
Do not be fooled,
For the Shadow Usul could be waiting...
But waiting for what? Waiting for whom?
The answer is unknown...

But it could be you.


The Dance of the Shadow Usul
By Baby_Poogles2

Tonight I tell a tale long past,
A delight that is rarely told,
Since I am classified as the unknown,
My ways are uncommon to unfold.

Slithering out of my den,
I stare upon the great, white orb,
The accursed crescent blinding my path,
It takes some time for me to absorb.

As soon as I can see,
I drift immediately into town,
Trying to spot a target,
That I can subtly bring to the ground.

Suddenly I found my quarry,
Amidst the darkness all around,
You, a stranger all alone,
Instantly I crouch down.

Slowly I creep upon you,
Your fate is sealed to me,
My chops lick daintily,
As I catwalk down the tree.

A glimpse of darkness catches your mind's eye,
You quickly glance over your shoulder,
To find yourself staring into the obscured,
The air becomes slightly colder.

Goosebumps crawl upon your skin,
Instinct fights as it screams at you to flee,
You cry out and ask,
"What do you want of me?"

The sound of my raspy voice,
Filled with eight different vibrating tones,
My eyes glare menacingly as I respond,
"I wish to eat your bones."

"You can't," you gasp,
Fear filling every essence of your being,
"I have a family to feed and tend to."
Your voice filled with such emotion and feeling.

I peer out over squinted eyes,
An odd sensation tugging at my heart,
I sigh and say, "Go to your family,"
As I turn around to depart.

I realized that I learned compassion,
And how strong love could truly be,
My morals have changed slightly since then,
However, I know that love is not meant for me.

Thus, shadow is my only virtue,
Gliding as silently as an owl,
To be with the unknown,
A lone ranger on the prowl


The Thing Behind the Door
By Santarosa

There is something moving,
It's right outside the door,
Its footsteps are advancing,
It's closer than before.

There is a soft tinkle,
A laugh that is so sweet,
The walk, so slow,
It's full of purpose and deceit.

Shivering so softly,
Put the face up to the hole,
But eyes will not open
For fear of the death toll.

And hand across the mouth
To stifle the loud scream,
For outside stands the Shadow Usul
Just like a bad dream.

It's hard to smother fear
From the thing behind the door,
When the fear that it will hurt
And still do so much more.

The Usul stands, so cold and dark,
Its fur is up and high,
It smiles and cackles far,
Its mouth whispers goodbye.

A knock echoes the room,
A jump from in the house,
The quiet is so great
You could hear a squeaking mouse.

Standing so silently,
Hoping so that she'll go away,
Yet even so, if she leaves,
She'll be back another day.


The Shadow's Triumph
By Myncstate93

A young Usul of Meridell,
A blameless child at play,
Had not the slightest whim of who
Was watching her that day.

She frolicked in the sunny glen
Without a single care,
Unknown to her, in shadow's blur
The terror lurking there.

It never once ocurred to her
That in the black of night
She would fall prey to evil's clutch,
Her wildest thoughts shown right.

And as the sun began to set
On rolling hills of green,
The Queen of Shadows waited still
To further plot her scheme.

Then blackest darkness fell upon
The unsuspecting child.
And ready waiting in the dark,
The Shadow herself smiled.

"The child is mine," she thought with mirth
The night was now in full.
And with a shriek, the girl was gone,
Prey of the Shadow Usul.


Shadow Usul
By Roseinfestedsoul

She was but a subtle undertone,
Some say a rogue in gloom,
In the faintest chime she'll strike a moan,
Beautifully stalking in her room.

Taking steps will overlie her stirs,
Agility compresses compare,
Every look is merely a blur,
She is swift within her lair.

Every shadow is skipping around you,
Every silhouette is a mastering disguise,
Now you wish you'd start this walk anew
And never enter where Shadow Usul hides.


The Center of Fear
By Wingspurr

Upon the wall, a silent shade
Into the darkness it does fade
Golden eyes as cold as steel
Across the shadows it does steal

Ebony paws, blackened pelt
All pets' courage it does melt
A violet collar around its neck
Into the dark night it does trek

Mage of air and earth alike
When unexpected it does strike
Ghostly body, sleek long tail
When finally found it does unveil

An attack of darkness, evil, malign
Magic and material it does combine
Elusive foe and rarely seen
Light from the forest it does screen

Flaming eyes of golden hue
Innocent pets it does pursue
Light of step and quiet creep
Only in daytime it does sleep

Pitch-black villain, center of fear
Nighttime comes, it does draw near
Black wraps around and squeezes tight
The Shadow Usul is here tonight


The Shadow Usul
By Yaoina

Neopia Central is quiet now,
the night has come a-calling,
the moon is lighting her thousand lamps
as darkness is a-falling.

Now all the shops have locked their doors,
the shopkeepers are sleeping,
and in these quiet hours comes
the shadow Usul creeping.

You'd think her any shadow
when she blends into the night,
but should you see her moving
she would give you quite the fright.

Her tiny feet are very fast,
it's almost like she's flying.
Her tiny paws like drifting smoke.
Her tiny voice is sighing.

What does the shadow Usul want?
What is her true intent?
What is the foul and evil deed
on which her heart is bent?

But is she really evil?
Who was the first to judge?
To what blind eyes and foolish soul
should she now hold a grudge?

Is she a lonely ghost perhaps,
in need of someone's love?
What kind of sunlight passion
is she really dreaming of?


The Shadow Usul
By x__sayitaintso__x

In the dim and quiet night
In the lonely solitude
Creeping through the shadows
Lurking in the darkness.

Under branches and over roots
Past rustling leaves and hanging vines
Walking at a steady pace
That is measured and unhurried.

Toward some unknown destination
Without a pause or hesitation
Like a river that never strays from a course
With the fluid motion of a flowing stream.

Even skulking creatures of the night
Move away with a flicker of fear
For there along the forest floor
Moves something known yet still a mystery.

For though she has been seen before
Any motives for the nighttime prowls
Are still as murky and darkly clouded
As the stagnant water of a nearby pond.

A creature who is only glimpsed at night,
And even then, only rarely seen
She is dark as the shadowy gloom of the forest
And as silent as the still cold air.

If you listen closely, after she has passed
You can hear the faint whisperings
The Shadow Usul, she came this way!
But it matters not if they are wrong or right.

For whatever it is, and whatever she does
Wherever she goes when she walks late at night
Is best left in the dark, yet unknown,
In the dimmest regions of your imagination.


Shadow Usul Waits - An Acrostic
By _Eveningstar

Shadows cover a shadow darker,
Hidden in the trees.
A flash of fur, pitch black,
Doesn't seem to cease.
O'er the canyon, forest beyond,
Without movement she waits.

Under that mighty oak,
Shadows await her prey,
Under that mighty oak,
Laughter stays away.

Waiting under the oak, hiding in shadows,
After endless hours
In the dark, hours in the night.
Taunting all her rivals, taunting...
She strikes at midnight.


The Revenge of the Shadow Usul
By Hamstergirl224

Her quarry rounded the corner,
In shadows concealing the creature,
She lay in silent wait,
For the Kougra to make an error,
And make a fault he did.

The villainess moved in
And relieved her victim
Of a trinket that was spare.
She knocked him in the streets
And vanished into the air,
The Revenge of the Shadow Usul.

She then hid in the depths
Of the darkness that did not reveal
The location of the evil maid.
Patiently she stalked
Her newest victim, naive,
Who was innocently strolling
Down the streets of the square.

The shopping bag in hand
Contained a necklace far too rare
For her to retain for long.
A sinister figure loomed before her;
The young lass did run in fear
And dropped her precious bag
That she had held so dear.

The creature laughed in triumph;
Without a finger moved,
She stole the greatest treasure
The Usul had ever dared.
She snatched it away
With a glimmer in her eye,
For she had accomplished
The Revenge of the Shadow Usul.


Shadow Usul
By Mamasimios

The Shadow Usul moves like water
Inky blackness sliding, sluicing
Flowing, flouting Nature's order
Scaling buildings and inducing
Frigid fingers of frightened tension
Drumming there on the napes of those
Oblivious to panic's wellspring
A sudden unease, a need to expose
What shift in shadow's dark penumbra
There! What shade within the shade?
Moving like the faintest current
Streaming within night's dim cascade
What evil prompts this darkling Usul
To hide within tenebrous gloom?
When nightfall masks her ebon movement
Nefarious motives one must assume
So lock your windows, bar the door
Ere you lay down 'neath sleep's gentle veil
For tonight, on nocturne's raven river,
The sinister Shadow Usul sails


A Thought for the Shadow Usul
By Anjie

Whisper, whisper, onyx form,
Entangled in the night.
Born of darkness, shadow beast,
A soul consumed by spite.

Does the plunder, snatched away,
Appease a soul so bleak?
Dragged into an inky realm,
As through the night, you sneak.

Satisfaction, is it gained?
You take things not your own.
Do these treasures bring you joy,
In shadow realm, alone?

Do you long to walk the path,
Beyond the veiled night?
Cast away an evil heart,
And step to day's own light?

Is redemption to be found?
Oh Usul, cast in black.
You've wandered in the wicked zone,
It's too late to come back.

Fear instilled and items snatched,
Your life thus shall unfold.
For all those treasures, it remains,
The shadows are so cold.


Whisper of the Shadow Usul
By Anjie

Sinister the silent night,
A menace waits within.
As moonlight drifts into the dark,
This beast's games can begin.

Shadow monster, unseen force,
An Usul, vicious threat.
Mere mirage or horrid truth?
It's not been confirmed yet.

Whisper, was it just your mind,
Or does the beast dwell near?
You cannot see where creature lurks,
And can't trust what you hear.

The slightest glimpse of onyx form,
A rapid, coiling sight.
Obsidian, an Usul shape,
Soon melted into night.

Alarming comes the gust of wind,
You spin in onyx cloud.
The feeling that you're not alone,
Within night's coldest shroud.

Are you left just as you were?
Or is there something wrong?
Is your gold still safe and sound?
Or stolen and long gone?

Relinquished of your precious gold,
No culprit left in sight.
Malicious smirk on Usul's face,
A phantom in the night.


Reign of the Shadow Usul
By Keikotoriyamacatnip

Within darkness she creeps,
Shadows hide her desire.
Creating mischief through night,
Spreading like massive fire.

Light cannot defeat her,
For she stays away,
Casting magic spells
On Neopets who stray.

A hunter on the prowl,
Hating to be prey.
Takes her revenge,
For she loves to play.

A whirlwind of trouble,
In Neopia Central resides.
The Shadow Usul reigns,
In darkness she confides.


Beware of the Shadow Usul!
By Pansyparkinson14

Eyes that glow with a feverish light,
Eyes that glare at you in the night,
Eyes that challenge you to a fight,
These are the eyes of the Shadow Usul!

Fur that is the blackest of ink,
Fur that makes your bravery sink,
Fur that makes you, in fear, shrink,
'Tis the fur of the Shadow Usul!

Teeth as sharp as a lethal blade,
Teeth that make anyone evade,
Teeth that make Neopets scream for aid,
These are the teeth of the Shadow Usul!

Movements as swift as the fastest thief,
Movements that are both deft and brief,
Movements that will cause you grief,
These are the movements of the Shadow Usul!

Swift and pervading in the moonlight,
She menaces and steals and seeks to fright,
Will she be stalking you tonight?
Beware of the Shadow Usul!


Shadow, Shadow Usul
By Lachtaube

A distinguished figure
Only in rumours:
The silhouette crept up my bedroom wall with ease.

I lay very still watching it move,
Lithe, fluid, and
Strangely beautiful in all its grace.

Its eyes searched the ceiling,
Lurking in the crown moulding,
Always only in the corner of my eye.

A bedtime story, nothing more,
Is just enough to send my imagination
Running wild into the depths of the night.

An Usul, a phantasm,
Always here but never really there
With no dimensions, no breath, no life,

Just pure spirit, a gliding wraith.
Her presence alone conjures waking nightmares,
Those of flaming eyes and seething rictus.

She has no power, but just enough
Energy to cast her hand across your face
And whisper in your ringing ear,



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