Random house

with Jasper Spicero.

November 21, 2013 at Arcadia Missa, London.



Poison Apple Wall Clock, ceramic 2013

Time Still Passes, mixed media 2013

Bruised Safe (E), wall safe, make up, glitter 2013

The End of Small Santuary, ceramic, etching, hardware 2013

Concept Poster for Random House Kids, colored pencil, etching on mitsuma 2013

Insane Cancer (cell 1 and 2), alumide, girl's jacket, Precious MomentsĀ® Sugar Town Skating Pond, acrylic, hardware 2013

Bruised Safes (A and B), floor safes, make up, glitter 2013

Sadly Glass, newspapers, twine 2013

Koudelka, origami flowers, ice skates, concrete, clay, hardware 2013

Columbine Flower (2013)

Tinned Ghostkerchiefs, handkerchiefs, string, acrylic, hardware 2013