Shades of berny

June 7, 2013 at Appendix Project Space.

Shades of berny include berry, burgundy, merlot, cabernet, maroon, and blood.
All “wine colors” and any desaturated jewel tones occurring in the West Wing.

The home of one splintering scarecrow,
a chair in pain.
A loss of pigmentation due to natural sunlight,
a frozen still life.

She is asking you to see her,
Much like the iceblock, locked away in a freezer.

She is asking you to see her pugalo,
And she smells good and she feels healthy.

You can kill the Beast. You cannot kill the Beauties.

An unusual chair sits in the corner between two walls:
Every day… every hour… think only of ru.”


mantel of smoke (after Paul Thek), ceramic, cigarette ash, 2013

Cherished ru quilt, "Princess" Beanie Babies, sterling silver pendants, cotton, 2013

Brigid's cloak (hiding Snow White), cashmere, satin, chair, 2013

colonial pocket [black], edition of 6, cotton, silk, thread, audio book on casette tape, 2013

mein süssen, charcoal, 2013

eighth anniversary (sadly), stock photo, plexiglass, mahogany, dyed roses